We are committed to complying with regulations to protect the environment during all stages of the production process.

Management of waste recovery for energy production.

As an example, in 2019 CRIK CROK conferred at Agri Power+’s Biogas plant:

1,212 tons of by-products of potato and corn processing.

This waste allowed the production of 1,948,481 kWh of electrical and thermal energy

corresponding to 504,107 kg of CO2 saved

equal to the quantity absorbed by 360 trees

Reduction of air emissions
The emissions from our plant are reduced to a minimum through the operation of a high-performance scrubber system, periodically checked by companies specialized in the sector. This system allows you to reduce the concentration of substances present in a gaseous stream.

Process water purification
The purification of the water used in production and its subsequent drainage in natural environments takes place through the use of activated sludge. This system, consisting of a suspension of active biomass in water, reproduces in an artificial environment the same biological mechanisms that occur in nature for the purification of water polluted by biodegradable organic substances. By mixing a waste to be purified with activated sludge in which there is a high pre-formed aerobic microbial concentration, you have the same self-purification process that occurs in nature, but with an accelerated reaction speed and less occupied space.

The company is also committed from an environmental point of view. First of all, on the new packaging, it will indicate the disposal methods. Furthermore, the company is gradually transforming its packaging in order to minimize its impact on the environment, preferring paper materials. All these while continuing to guarantee the maintenance of freshness and original quality of the product inside.