Our R&D team works to ensure that each new product development project, which may result from well-defined demands arising from market analysis or as a result of new ideas, undergoes a thorough technological feasibility analysis in order to check its reproducibility in stable conditions on an industrial scale.

Some of the projects we are currently finalizing include the following:

CRIK CROK is in the process of reaching the goal of converting its entire production of flavored products to 100% natural flavorings.

The plant aims to make all production lines gluten-free by mid-2021, using the claim GLUTEN FREE.

Our company meets the International Food Standard (IFS) requirements which focus on the quality and health and safety of products, in order to fulfill all obligations under the current regulations and to ensure consumer protection.

The above certification guarantees the following:

Raw materials and packaging materials Our suppliers are carefully selected and qualified in accordance with high quality standards;

Production process Every stage of the production process, starting from the storage of the main raw material, the potato, to packaging, is constantly monitored by our quality control team;

Product storage carried out under the best hygienic and health conditions, in accordance with the products characteristics and in compliance with the FIFO rules;

Distribution network extensive, attentive to customers’ needs and guaranteed by qualified transporters.

We adopt a self-control system for food safety, called HACCP, which stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point.

Thanks to this system, we are able to:

Identify any production critical points along the entire food production and distribution chainprocess, that may cause a risk ofpossible biological, chemical or physical contamination, thus ensuring constant monitoring in order to identify risk factors and adjust them accordingly with appropriate corrective measures;

Activate effective and efficient preventive and control measures to ensure food safety.